How to find groups in LinkedIn and bookmark them as favourites

This was just one of our topics in last week’s workshop ‘LinkThink – Connect & Develop’ in Dublin. Quite a few people said they find LinkedIn a bit confusing and difficult to navigate. Most people were already a member of our LinkedIn group after clicking the link on my website to sign up. However, the next time they logged in to their LinkedIn account many found it very difficult to find the group again.

So we went through the steps of how to find groups you’re interested in and then how to bookmark them in your toolbar to find them again easily later on. The group found this very useful, so I thought I would let you all know how to do that.

How to find new groups in LinkedIn:

  1. Login to your LinkedIn account.
  2. Click on the tab ‘Groups’ in your top navigation bar. A page will open with all the groups you have joined already if any.
  3. Find new groups in LinkedIn

  4. Here you can also search for new groups in ‘search bar’ on the top right corner, just search for keywords you’re interested in such as ‘WordPress’, ‘Small businesses Ireland’, ‘photography Ireland’ or anything else you’re interested in – then click enter and a whole list of groups will show up.
  5. When you find a group you’re interested in just click the name of the group to find out more, or click on the tab ‘Join Group’ to the right of the group name. Some groups are open to anyone and you can just join, for other groups the owner will need to accept you and will notify you by e-mail when you’ve been accepted as a member. Some groups are closed to non-members or just open to read and/or comment but non-members can’t start a discussion – always read the group rules (on the top right of every group) before posting!
  6. If you’re more interested in groups in your area only, you can refine your search by adding ‘Ireland’, ‘Dublin’ or ‘Galway’ etc. to your search term before clicking ‘search’.

How to bookmark your LinkedIn groups to find them again:

  1. When you have joined one or a few groups you can add them to your navigation bar to make it easy for yourself to find the group again.
  2. Login in to your LinkedIn account.
  3. Hover over ‘Groups’ in the navigation bar and then click in the drop-down menu on the tab ‘Your groups’.
  4. Next to the header of the page ‘Groups you’ve joined’ you will see ‘Reorder’ – click it.
  5. Now you can choose which groups will be displayed in what order in your main navigation by numbering them (No. 1 will be at the top of your group list).
  6. Then choose how many groups you’d like to display in your navigation, at ‘Display the first … groups’ (on top of your groups).

Change the appearance of your LinkedIn groups

Scroll down and click ‘Save Changes’.

Now you will be able to access your groups with one click, just hover over ‘Groups’ and your groups will show up in your drop-down menu.

Bookmark your LinkedIn groups

I hope that clears things up again, please let me know if you have other questions in regards to LinkedIn, WordPress, blogging or other social media.

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