WordPress is now looking good on iPads

You might have seen the new iPad tab under Appearance on your dashboard which was just launched the end of March 2011.

This is fantastic news! From now on you can decide how your WordPress based blog or website will be shown on touch-enabled devices to make it a beautiful experience for your visitors. Here is what you can do with a click:

  • Have the theme use an image from your recent posts as a cover
  • Upload a logo to showcase your brand or personality on the cover
  • Upload an image to be used as a loading graphic when visitors add your site to their home screen
  • Switch fonts
  • Choose from 9 different skin colors, to best match the feel of your site
  • Enable or disable the whole thing

And of course when your reader chooses to read the whole article they just tab it to open and will be able to leave a comment and can also tweet about it or share it on Facebook with a click.

At the moment there are about 750,000 page views every day on WordPress.com sites by iPad users, and as you all know it will continue to rise. WordPress is going to add more features and are extending this to other tablet devices, so this is just the beginning –
and it’s cool 😉

Here you can read the whole story on how to ‘Wow Your iPad Readers

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