A new course participant – our WordPress dog

Last Tuesday we had another WordPress Starter Course at SureSkills in Dublin and we thought we’d just have five participants. We started at 10am and then went for our well deserved break at 12pm. We were just getting a cup of coffee and dived into the chocolate, when suddenly a very friendly and happy Jack Russell sped into our training centre at Fitzwilliam Place.

He was all excited and said hello to everyone – including two people waiting for a meeting – then had a biscuit and some water before getting ready for his photoshoot as our first WordPress dog!

wordpress dog in dublin WordPress Course at SureSkills in Dublin

Sabina, one of our participants was on her way back to Galway from a long weekend, and therefore had her little buddy with her in the car. I think he enjoyed his break as much as we did, and then he had an hour nap in the car again before heading home.

It was a great group and really nice meeting you all, and I look forward to all your new sites in the near future!

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  1. Vivienne

    Mwah the gorgeous Mr Russell (Jack) so gorgeous and so well behaved – I think I ate as many biscuits as he did! Great fun Julie, thanks for a great morning of wordpress!!

  2. admin-julie

    We all deserved the biscuits and chocolate – brain food is an important part of the course ;-).
    I really enjoyed this course, it was lovely meeting you and I look forward to seeing you soon again.

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