Workshop ‘LinkThink – Connect & Develop’

This very interactive WordPress workshop invites all

  • WordPress Bloggers, who are experienced but are looking for new ideas
  • WordPress Bloggers, who have just started blogging
  • People who are interested in blogging, might join the community of WordPress Bloggers one day soon and would just like to know what it’s all about

It’s called ‘LinkThink’ because it’s all about new ideas, creativity, interests and information about what works and what doesn’t. The diversity of this group will be fantastic, because some of them might be your target customers.

It’s also called ‘Connect & Develop’ because it’s about connecting with each other – connecting blogs and links, but also connecting in the real world, which increases productivity. Share valuable information and personal experience, discuss and tackle technical issues. Everybody and every blog can, and should, constantly change and develop – it doesn’t matter what stage you are at.

I came up with the idea to start this workshop because I’m seeing the areas where my previous students have started to need help – the moment when you don’t really know what to write anymore, how to continue or how to improve (both the topic and technical issues). Sometimes it’s hard to stay inspired and to keep going, and that’s the time to get out and get together – a few heads are better than one! I will be available to help out with technical issues, but even more valuable will be the group’s views, opinions and ideas for your blog.

Please feel free to post comments, ideas and topics which you would like to discuss with the group, underneath this article. We’re here to help each other, and if you’re not sure whether to post your query please go ahead and do so – most likely many others will have the same question as well.

The workshop is free of charge and will be held at the Digital Exchange on Crane Street in Dublin 8, on selected Fridays as part of the Worksearch 2.0 meeting. You are all very welcome to come along to both events or attend them separately; here is more information about Worksearch 2.0, a map of the location and a video about Worksearch 2.0. Please click on this video in the right side panel.  —->

For upcoming workshops please check our workshop page or e-mail me at

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