How to choose the right theme for your site

We all know the ‘Theme option’ under ‘Appearance’, but quite a few people find it a bit confusing to go through all the themes and find the one which suit their needs the best.

I think an easier way of finding the right theme for your site is by using the ‘Theme Showcase’ at

At the top of the page you’ve got 5 simple options to choose from: ‘Random’, ‘A-Z’, ‘Popular’, ‘Recently Added’ and ‘Premium’.

Another great and very helpful feature is the ‘Feature Filter’ in the top right corner of the page, which is also available under ‘Appearance – Themes’ but I find the ‘Showcase’ gives you a better overview of all features.

When opening ‘Feature Filters’ you can search by ‘Colours’, ‘Columns’, ‘Widths’, ‘Features’ like custom background/colours etc., and ‘Subjects’ such as art, business, news etc. and then just click ‘Apply Filters’. Don’t be too specific, if you narrow it down too much you will only end up with one, two or no themes at all ;-).

Have fun exploring these options and please feel free to let us know in a comment underneath this post or on our LinkedIn group when you’ve found a great theme for your site!

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