Over 50? Need a website?

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Learn how to create your own website in a course tailored to the silver generation – or anybody who didn’t grow up with technology.

In most WordPress Starter courses I teach, I usually have one or two people who are not 100% comfortable with a laptop. They do ok, follow all instructions but honestly are exhausted afterwards and usually tell me in their feedback that they enjoyed the course, learnt a lot but wished they have had a little more time to practise before moving on to the next topic.

create website for people over 50A few people have asked if I would consider to offer a non-techy course for people to learn how to create a website at a slightly slower pace. Some people just book 1-to-1 training, so there is no time pressure, but most would prefer to join a group.

2016 has been very busy with most courses fully booked, so I think I will try to offer two different WordPress Starter courses in 2017:

  • Our general WP Starter course for anybody who uses a laptop on a daily basis, browsing the web, checking emails and using simple applications such as Word in a comfortable manner.
  • A WP Starter course for the Silver Generation – the over 50s – the ones who didn’t grow up with technology and would like a slightly slower pace to learn how to create a website.

What to expect from the new course?

First of all, a smaller group – this course would have a maximum of 4 participants. We will still cover all the important features of the general WordPress Starter course: how to choose a theme (layout), change the title and tagline, add widgets to your sidebar, how to use categories, create posts and pages, add images to them, then create galleries and slideshows with your photos and create a navigation bar! You will have created a full website after only half a day of training, which you can then keep editing at home using a manual with detailed instructions. A few less vital parts of the general Starter course are left out, to allow more time to practice the most important parts. However, by doing every step yourself during training you will remember really well how to add content to your new website. Please note, you will need to bring a laptop you’re familiar with on the day.

If you’re interested or have any questions at all, please get in touch and let me know. You can email me or give me a ring at 086 775 2457.


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