Testimonial by Karen Kennedy

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“I have recently attended both the starter and advanced WordPress courses with Julie and would highly recommend both of them. They are suitable for those starting up their own websites from scratch and for those who are trying to maintain an existing website. The course content was excellent and well presented at a pace that was easy to follow. Julie also provides course notes that one can refer to at home and even better than this she is kind enough to answer your questions via email even after the course. She will even look into problems you are having and help you to resolve them. I imagine this service is one of a kind.

Both courses were very informative and even if you are I.T. minded there is still plenty to learn on both of them as Julie is a very good instructor. I enjoyed my days and look forward to putting what I have learned into practice.

Thanks so much to you Julie.”

Karen Kennedy attended our WordPress Starter and Advanced Course in November 2014

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