Thank you very much for participating in one or more of our WordPress courses. As I’ve mentioned during the course, I would really appreciate your feedback – positive and negative – as constructive as possible, so I know what to concentrate on, how to improve and most importantly what You are looking for.

You’re welcome to send a mail to or leave your feedback underneath this article in the comment field.

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  1. Stefano Tognon

    I loved the course, it was very well done!
    It delivered what I had expected and included a fair amount of practise, which I really liked. The size of the group was very good and all questions were answered satisfactorily during the course. I would certainly recommend this course to anybody who is interested in creating their own web page – I believe WordPress is the way to go.

    Thanks a lot,
    Stefano Tognon
    Attended our Starter Course

  2. Anne O'Shea

    I attended the WordPress course given by Julie Sebode on 20th July 2010.
    The course was excellent. The level of difficulty was pitched correctly for
    students of some computer background and no experience in WordPress.
    The material of the course was very interesting. The pace of learning was correct to
    allow us all to progress. The practical aspect was good (using computers)
    and is the best way to teach this subject.
    Julie was a patient and helpful teacher, and knew all the answers to our questions.
    She followed up afterwards with us, and was able to quickly answer
    my questions.

    I would recommend this course to all who wish to create a web page.
    It is very professionally organised and well presented.

    Anne O’Shea
    Attended our Starter and Advanced Course

  3. Katherine Meenan

    I did Julie’s WordPress course and found it excellent. She is not just a whiz at WordPress but she is a really talented, generous teacher. We had a well structured teaching session, excellent notes to take away and lots of tips on how to make it work for us individually. I am recommending Julie’s courses to anyone I know who is interested in this area.

    Katherine Meenan
    Attended our Starter Course and customised training based on Connect Ethiopia.

  4. Louise Nevin

    I’d been thinking of using WordPress for some time and Julie’s WordPress course ticked all the boxes. No question was left unanswered and Julie is an excellent trainer. The group was a perfect size and everyone got to put the theory into practice. Julie is extremely helpful, personable and generous with her time. Her correspondence and support with questions before, during and after the course is testament to her professionalism as a trainer. I’d highly recommend Julie’s course to anyone thinking of using WordPress for business and save time trying to figure it out on your own.

    Louise Nevin via LinkedIn
    Attended our Starter Course

  5. michelle coyle

    I searched for wordpress training for sometime as I was advised it would help with SEO for our website. I attended Julies basic and advanced wordpress courses. The courses are delivered with great detail and Julies bubbly personality and extensive knowledge help make it all very easy to grasp. We have benefited hugely since the training and Julie is very generous with after-course advice and time. I cannot recommend her enough. These courses are a must for someone who needs to design their own basic website or to use word-press as a blogging tool. Everything is covered, and course manuals are detailed and relevant. The cost is covered in an hours work!

    Michelle Coyle via LinkedIn
    Attended our Starter and Advanced Course

  6. Victoria Jamison

    Earlier this year my colleague and I asked Julie to come in for a day to talk us through Word Press and show us how to make changes to our new website. The course Julie provided was very carefully thought out and well-planned. She provided us with easy to use guides which we have constantly referred back to. Julie’s course was very well-structured and covered everything we needed and more. In addition, Julie was extremely personable and easy to work with, explaining everything in a way that made it very easy to understand. I would have no hesitation in recommending Julie for Word Press training.

    Victoria Jamison via LinkedIn
    Customised training based on

  7. Roland Gröpmair

    I attended the WordPress Starter course offered by Julie, and it was very helpful to get me started with own WordPress website.
    Because I’m quite technical 🙂 I could have figured out some of the stuff myself – but attending her course definitely saved time!

    Whenever I had a quick question via email in the following months, she responded promptly and very professionally – that’s what you want to see.

    I can highly recommend her services. She’s very knowledgeable in the wordpress area, has great communication and interpersonal skills, and is a pleasure to work with.

    Roland Gröpmair via LinkedIn
    Attended our Starter Course

  8. Caroline McGrath

    I attended a WordPress course in Co. Limerick in Jan 2012, I found the course excellent! I left with far more information than I imagined, and had way more confidence in my abilities with WordPress. The class size was perfect, 8 people, as we all learned at the same pace and you could ask questions and recieve attention with ease. I’m already booked in for the Advance WordPress Course and I can’t wait!

    Caroline McGrath attended our Starter Course in Co. Limerick in Jan 2012

  9. Eliza

    I also attended Julie’s WordPress workshop in Co. Limerick in Jan 2012 and I agree completely with all the comments above. Julie is an excellent teacher, very organised and extremely knowledgeable. I learnt a huge amount in the four hours and now have a new website almost ready to go (having no web creation experience prior to the workshop). I have contacted Julie since the workshop with some further questions and she responded right away and gave me further help. I highly recommend her course.

    Eliza attended our Starter Course in Co. Limerick in Jan 2012

  10. Niall MacSweeney

    Just by way of follow up, I really enjoyed the course this week. I found it to be very straight forward and easy to follow. I am eagerly awaiting news of the next advanced course so please keep me posted

    I can highly recommend Julie to anyone interested in web design. Word Press is a great application and Julie delivers!

    Niall MacSweeney attended our Starter Course in Dublin in Feb 2012

  11. Sean Mullan

    Thank you very much for a very lively, well-planned and ‘intense’ (for me) WordPress course last Wed, 8th Feb.
    I have just had my two websites redesigned using WordPress and wanted to understand what it was all about. Now I feel I have a way into it all and can practise what you introduced us to. Apart from the teaching the backup and help you offer is something extra special. I genuinely feel that I can get in touch and ask you questions without feeling I’m imposing on you. In fact I’ve already done that!! and you took the trouble to reply very quickly.
    Thanks again, Julie.

    Sean Mullan attended our Starter Course in Dublin in Feb 2012

  12. Margaret Metelko

    Julie delivered an outstanding WordPress training course in Co Limerick on Saturday March 3rd 2012. I cannot say enough about the quality of the training and comprehensive notes that were provided. I learned much more in the four hour class that I thought possible.

    Thank you Julie.

    Margaret attended our Starter Course in Co. Cork in March 2012

  13. Kate O'Donoghue

    Julie, I attended the Advanced WordPress Course on March 27th 2012. The material provided was excellent, and the relaxing atmosphere and environment in which the class was taught definitely heightened the learning experience for me. Our company is using our wordpress blog to supplement our already existing website, and I received many tips and tricks for making my blog more user friendly and interesting.
    Thanks for a great course,

    Kate attended our Advanced Course in Dublin in March 2012

  14. Derek Donohoe

    I attended the WordPress starter and advanced courses over the last few months and I must say they are a must for anyone looking to set up a simple and easy to use website. When our website was brought over to WordPress, the hassle and cost that was involved with trying to get the webmaster to change things just didn’t make sense. After the starter course I took full control of everything and was surprised how easy it was. Also I’ve created a brand new site since sitting the courses, which allows me to control the full functionality of the site appearance and content. WordPress allows you to change content in seconds which is perfect for keeping your site as up-to-date as it can be. Julie was a great instructor and encouraged questions at all stages and also offers her help even after the courses have taken place. I highly recommend WordPress Courses Ireland.
    Thanks again Julie,

    Derek Donohoe attended our Starter and Advanced Course in Dublin in February and March 2012.

  15. Denise Cahill

    Really enjoyed the Introduction course on Saturday Julie – delighted to have the skills now to develop my own website. It was so easy to learn the basics and am thrilled that I left the course with a skeleton site that I now only have to input information on to – look forward to taking the Advanced course in the near future and will be recommending it to friends and colleagues.

    Denise attended our Starter Course in Co. Cork in April 2012

  16. Tanya M Ross

    WordPress starter course was ideal for an introduction to creating your own blog/website. It was well organised, easy to understand and extremely informative. We were supplied with a handbook to take home with us which definitely comes in handy. The course was well structured in a way that maximised our learning time and even allowed time for ad-hoc questions and some problem based learning. I would recommend this course for anyone looking to familiarise themselves with websites in a non-coding manner or looking for an online platform for their business or hobby.
    Thanks Julie!

    Tanya attended our Starter Course in Dublin in April 2012

  17. Paul Kavanagh

    Hi Julie, thank you very much for introducing me to the world of WordPress I found the course excellent and looking forward to the advanced couse in the near future. Please visit my “newly created webite and blog”, and let me know what you think ?
    thanks Paul.

    Paul attended our Starter Course in Dublin in April 2012

  18. Karen Roberts

    Hi Julie,
    Many thanks for the recent WordPress course you designed for Safety Solutions. The booklets you produced are referred to constantly and it has given us the confidence to update our website. Thanks a million, Karen

    Customised training based on in April 2012.

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