vantage-wp-responsiveVantage is an advanced multi-purpose WordPress theme. Vantage’s flexibility offers the ability to create anything from a simple blog to a complete business website, portfolio or online store. With tremendous flexibility, Vantage is a theme that grows and shrinks with your needs. You can choose not to install any of the supported plugins if you don’t need them, and Vantage will continue working without any problems.

Vantage is a fully-responsive and retina ready WordPress theme. It scales nicely to fit smaller, mobile screens, whilst leaving none of your content behind.

It also works hand-in-hand with WooCommerce, the most popular eCommerce platform on the web.

Vantage pays special attention to code quality. Every line of code is intuitive, reviewed and held to the highest standards. This means that your site loads faster, is easier to work with and will be loved by search engines. They also offer free and premium support on their support forums. Here you can find more about the Vantage Theme.